Knowledge Management Society, Singapore

How It Started

Three years ago, we started work on developing a KM framework for Organisations to better assess their readiness to leverage on knowledge, to succeed in the volatile & uncertain external environment that they operate in. The key to success for organisations is to focus on creativity and innovation, as a means to adapt effectively and address complex uncertainties in business & operations. With KM as an enabler for creativity and innovation, iKMS has set in place, a Knowledge Ready Organisation (KRO) framework that enables organisations to assess its own knowledge framework based on the following key areas; Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Process, Technology and Impact.

KRO enables Organisations to leverage on external KM experts to independently assess its progress in the six KM areas. Neither an audit nor an award judged against your best practices, KRO is a transparent read back by professional evaluators who provide a personalised report on your organisation's strengths and areas for further development.

Organisations are also recognized for their progress in these six areas through the award of a Global KRO Award. This award seeks to recognise progress made by organisations and its state of Knowledge Readiness. 

"Knowledge Management Society, Singapore" is a non-profit organization.

| Address: 14 Robinson Road, #08-01A, Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545.

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