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​Aristotle famous quote: “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts” best sums up the motivation as well as the envisaged value behind establishing the KM Global Network. Just like the story on “Unity is Strength” where an old father demonstrated to his children the power of sticking together in order to harness the collective strengths of each other, the synergistic and collaborative nature of the KM Global Network provide the platform for practitioners and enthusiasts to unite and advocate KM for the betterment of the community as a whole. An added advantage is also to further accentuate the great work that the respective network entities have already accomplished.  The KM Global Network is rooted in the free spirit of collaboration and sharing - in the forms of knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas - to achieve cross-fertilization among the multi-disciplines of KM. It is bounded by three key principles:

Sharing with No Boundary

The network promotes responsible sharing facilitated via both electronic and face-to-face channels, breaking down geographical and time barriers.


​Learning from Everybody

The network promotes individual as well as collective learning among members in a respectful and cordial manner.

Collaborating with Expert Bodies

The network promotes collaboration among members, leveraging on individual as well as expert bodies embodied in the network. It is also the vision to continuously identify and grow the expert pool to serve its members and community.

Current Network Partners


Logo of The Innovation and Knowledge Management Club
The Innovation and Knowledge Management Club

​H​ong Kong

​​​Logo of Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society

Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society


Logo of AuSKM

Australian Society for Knowledge Management


Logo of Club Gestion des Connaissances
Club Gestion des Connaissances


​​​Logo of I2KI

The International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation

Logo of KMSJ
Knowledge Management Society of Japan


Logo of KM Russia

​​KM Russia


Logo of LASSIB Society

LASSIB Society

It is a privilege to have iKMS (Singapore), iklub (Thailand), HKKMS (Hong Kong) and AuSKM (Australia) onboard as the founding members of the KM Global Network. The latter strive to uphold the following benefits to its members:



​Special privilege
to join events

​ Usage of Intellectual Property (IP) within Network

​Full sponsorship of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for key events

​ Cross-network collaboration on projects/initiatives

​ Network Expert
Locator listing

When a member subscribes to members with any of the participating network entity, he or she will automatically be a member of the network. ​Members get to enjoy access to online resources in the forms of articles, tools, best practices, etc, that are published by participating society/club in the network. ​ Members get to enjoy free as well as member priced events across the network. ​Members get to utilize tools, materials, whitepapers, advices, etc, published in the network. In return, it is expected members attribute appropriate recognitions to IP owners and give due credits where it is required.   ​SMEs will receive full sponsorship for knowledge sharing and transfer during events organized by respective society/club within the network. ​Members can participate in projects or initiatives of their interests posted on the network. By doing so, it enables the network to identify and grow the SME pool, as well as providing opportunities for members to contribute their knowledge and expertise to enhance their skill sets ​Members can have access to a list of SMEs whom they can consult or seek expert advice

 In a nutshell, the KM Global Network value adds the member society/club in the following manner:
• Increasing membership outreach by leveraging on the multiplier effect of network nodes expansion.
• Enhancing membership profile & branding of respective society/club.
• Extending knowledge sharing resources made available to members.
• Extending platform for cross-discipline collaboration and advocacy by leveraging on the knowledge, expertise, and SMEs collectively made available via the network alliance.
• Tapping on theoretical (academics) and industry practical (private & public) knowledge as well as experiences, contributed in the spirit of free sharing and learning.




iKMS looks forward to welcoming more societies/clubs onboard this exciting KM Global Network journey, based on the principles of sharing with no boundary, learning from everybody, and collaborating with expert bodies. I am delighted to announce that plans have also commenced to incorporate KM networks from India, Middle East and USA into the global family in 2015.